My Story


My love for photography began when I was around 12 years old. 

I used to spend hours in our garden taking pictures of flowers and sunsets. Everyone around me knew that when I grow up, I want to become a photographer. 

Years later though, as I grew older, I started thinking less about my passion and focused on having a more "serious" career. I started my Bachelor's degree in Politics and Communications.  Of course, it ended up in me dropping out, I mean, how could I not, when I was more excited about the pictures in the Books than the actual content. I was lost, unhappy, and further from my dreams than ever. I knew it was time to make a change, so I packed my bags and moved from Romania to Bodensee, in Germany. 

New, friendless, and with no ability to make a proper sentence in German, I started photographing again and remembered how much I love it, so I started a 3 Year Photography apprenticeship. The twelve-year-old me couldn't be happier. It took a while, but I was back, following my dream. 

Fast forward to today, I now own a Lifestyle & Branding Photography Business in Berlin. I support other women entrepreneurs and small business owners, who just like me, have a passion, grow their businesses, and make their dreams come true.

This is my story. 

Or at least the short version.  In between, I married an amazing supportive person, had a beautiful daughter, packed our bags again,  moved from Bodensee to Berlin, and started Malaya Branding.


I guess my Story is just actually starting.

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