Your Brand is who you are!

Personal Branding photography is so much more than a Headshot. It is my way to Empower Women. To show them they are enough, they are amazing and they are Beautiful. 

I want to help each and every one of my clients to feel Strong and Confident in turning their dreams into reality. 

So far, I was lucky enough to photograph the most incredible women,  who are so passionate about their work, that every time I finish a session, I feel even more inspired & grateful for doing what I do. 

On that note, on this page, I will not only share with you the photos I took, but also a little bit about each of them. 

One afternoon with Xenia

Xenia does Art for your Soul. 

I was so incredibly lucky to be able to photograph her. 

It rained, it was cold, but inside my soul was like a Summer afternoon. 

I must admit, photographing her, was the easiest thing I could do. When you put so much love in what you do, that your eyes sparkle more than my camera Flash, there's no way the photos will not come great. 

If you want to see Xenia's work, which I totally recommend. follow her on Instagram @Xenia.sent

Hand made Love - Sandra from Bloom and Boom Studio

Sandra from Bloom and Boom does the more incredible Polymer Clay earrings. 

Her business is all about Slow making, attention to detail and with each purchase, she donates 1€ to different associations chosen by her followers on Instagram. I mean, how awesome is that?   

We didn't only do Photos, but also a Video which you can see here. It is really  Fascinating to see the whole process and how much work it takes to make a pretty pair of earrings.

If you want to see Sandra's work, which I totally recommend, follow her on Instagram @bloomandboomstudio

Digitales Coworking with Nicole Krenz